Monday, January 30, 2012

To Buy or Not To Buy

Welcome to my first post! I'm Maggie, a college student with a serious nail polish obsession, and I'd like to share my addiction with you :)

no top coat

This is Essie's To Buy or Not To Buy, a pale lavender with a very subtle iridescent sparkle. The color went on smoothly and dried more opaque than I thought it would. Three coats for full coverage, though I used four to make sure it was feeling photogenic. As you can see, the glitter doesn't really translate from the bottle.

Konad Special Polish in Silver & plate m60

I did some stamping to add a little more interest, but it was still missing something...

with Orly - Love Each Other I added a coat of Orly's Love Each Other! It's a minor change and was a little difficult to capture with my camera, but it added the sparkle that I wanted and made all the difference in real life. These two are made for each other!

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll enjoy my blog!
xoxo Maggie

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